There are so many outstanding features about this tour… a few of which I am going to tell you about. Maybe I should just state right up-front that I like nature, I like the bush, and I really don’t mind camping. But when you get older, you don’t want to rough it in the bush any longer, you want to have the luxury edition. Maybe now you know who is talking here..

The Zambezi River is for us folks of Southern Africa, just something else. It is big and beautiful, and we want to see it again and again. One of the biggest plusses of this tour is that you get to know the river first-hand; you see it changing its format, its look, its feel, its mood. Calm and tranquil at the onset, but deep, fast-flowing and ominous when you get close to the Sioma Falls. To be able to tiger-fish on the Zambezi is an experience of a lifetime, it is awesome. Boats and equipment fine, crew experienced. You can just enjoy the river, it’s sights and sounds. The tour starts at Mutemwa Lodge, a serene camp on the river, with big trees and many birds, like the Livingstone turaco (lourie), and the ever-present hippo’s in the river that make it, so… Africa. We spent three days there.. although I wish it was a week.

The Zambezi River is for us folks of Southern Africa, just something else. It is big and beautiful, and we want to see it again and again.

Mutemwa Lodge is in a remote part of Zambia, the roads are not great, actually very bad for a big stretch, and that makes for peace and quiet at the lodge and on the river.  That is a big plus for the people who want to experience Africa, the Zambezi.  The surrounds of the lodge are in unspoilt African bush and river; the tented bungalows allow you to hear the booming voice of, among others, Pel’s fishing owl at night.

Departing from the lodge, we fished up-river to the Sioma Falls and while we were fishing up-stream, the lodge personnel moved camp to a white sandy beach within hearing distance from the falls, with tents and beds as good as back at the lodge.  After a great dinner on the white sand, we retired to our bedrooms, or tents to be correct, but still with the luxury intact.

The next morning we crossed river by boat and walked the short distance to the falls, an amazing sight and one that not many people have feasted their eyes upon; a rare privilege to be there.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, personnel have broken camp and departed for our destination deep in the Ngwezi National Park.

We then followed in their tracks and enjoyed the beautiful bush and all the big trees on our way there, especially the beautiful Msasa, my personal favourite.  The Sioma Ngwezi Park is also remote and very much less travelled.  During our trips in the park, we only once saw another vehicle, two park officials doing their rounds.  Arriving at our bush camp, the camp has been set, the beds were made and we could just move in and relax. 

We went on a long walk the first morning for a closer look at all the beautiful trees, birds of prey and others, that we came upon.  In the afternoon on a game drive, we saw some sable, eland, giraffe and impala. Game is not abundant like in the Kruger, but they are there and numbers would increase drastically when the proposed Kavango-Zambezi Trans-Frontier Conservation Area is established.  At night we heard hyena and the peace and quiet of the African bush.

I need to point out the outstanding hospitality and care of Gavin Johnson (owner of Mutemwa lodge) and his personnel to cater for your every need and make you so comfortable in the bush, where there really is nothing nearby, it is just the bush with zero facilities available, still you stay in a well set camp, enjoy great meals, and sleep in comfortable beds.  This was a great experience, not to be missed!