The Hidden Gems within Lavushi Manda National Park

If you are looking for vast unexplored wilderness, adventure and exploration, this is for you. Hike over the rocky outcrops and mountains or grab your rod and explore the largely UNKNOWN RIVERS for yellow fish and bream in the headwaters of the Congo.

Lavushi Manda is perfectly suited to:

Bush WalksBirdingFishing Canoeing

What you can find in this region

Unique attractions or experiences in this region include:

Congo Yellowfish

Congo Yellowfish

Locally known as ‘mpifu’, this yellowfish known as the ‘Congo’ yellowfish has very rarely been targeted by commercial sport fishermen and the Lukulu river in Lavushi Manda is the perfect place to do so. This hard fighting fish gives such a fight that it has become known as a “blue rhino” and can be caught on light lure tackle as well as fly on the Lukulu and will test any fly fisherman’s casting ability.

Kapandalupilli falls

Kapandalupilli falls can be found in the unspoilt and rugged Lavushi Manda National Park on the Lukulu River. These falls have a rich history with huge cultural significance and offer the adventurer beautiful views along the river.

Lukulu River

The Lukulu River flows through Lavushi Manda National Park with Mumbatuta and Kapundalupili Falls contributing to the beauty of this body of water. One of the headwaters of the Congo River and heavily vegetated with outstanding birding this river also offers fantastic fishing potential.

Palmnut Vulture

The thick riverine forest in Northern Zambia, and specifically Lavushi Manda National Park, provides the perfect habitat for the magnificent Palmnut Vulture. Sightings near camp on the river while canoeing or fishing are common and most rewarding.

Accommodation Ideas in this region

Where we suggest you stay in this region:

Mumbatuta Camp

Four intimate tents situated in the heart of pristine wilderness

Lavushi Manda Travel Package Ideas

Some travel package ideas as to how to best experience this region

The Quest for the 'Congo Yellow fish'

A 4 night fishing expedition through Lavushi Manda National Park on your quest for the Congo Yellowfish.

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Lavushi Manda Photo Gallery

Photographs from the the above packages

Routes through the Northern Region of Zambia

The Northern region route would typically begin in Lusaka.
This route is passable year round and for the most part offers travellers easy access to its various destinations.

Leaving Lusaka and heading North East on the Great North Road, there are many hidden highlights along this route. From beautiful waterfalls and cave art, there’s a surprise around every corner if you know where to look. where to look.

Following the Great North Road you will pass through Kabwe on to Kapiri Mposhi. Pass through Kapiri and after about 4 kms turn right towards Mpika and Tanzania. If you would like an overnight stop to break this trip, Forest Inn between Kapiri Mposhi and Mkushi is a convenient resting place.

Passing the Mkushi turn-off, you will reach the Serenje turn-off, clearly visible with a Lake Petroleum and Serenje Gas Pad. It is recommended to fill your tanks here as fuel stops can be scarce along this route. Continue on the main road for 36km until you will find a tarred road on your left signed to ‘Mansa’.

If you are heading to Kasanka, turn left here, and continue for 55km, at which point you will see a large sign to Kasanka and the park gate on your left side. Otherwise if you continue on the Great North Road you will find all the other destinations scattered along this route with easy to spot signage and directions.