The Hidden Gems within Lusaka

Lusaka is the largest city in the Republic of Zambia with a population of 1.8 million. It serves as Zambia’s capital and the country’s commercial center.  The city is located in the agricultural region of central Zambia and is connected through train, road and flights to all major parts of the country.

Regions accessible from Lusaka

See what other “hidden gems” are accessible via Lusaka:

Accommodation Ideas in Lusaka

Where we suggest you stay:

Latitude 15

Latitude 15° is set amidst the beautiful tree-lined avenues on the south-east corner of Lusaka, 20 minutes to the city centre

Pioneer Camp

The ideal place to start your Zambian safari where you can enjoy a degree of wilderness and a wonderful birding experience.

Routes through the Southern Region

The Southern Route begins and ends in Livingstone, depending on your direction and includes regions within the Southern, Central and Northern parts of the Kafue. Full route details below:

Heading north from Livingstone after experiencing the buzz of the Falls, you will reach the town of Kalomo. Here you leave the beaten track! A detour through the village market and 70km of dirt later, you enter the Dundumwezi or Nanzhila Gate. The Southern Kafue begins with a very solid belt of miombo forest. Beautiful, multi-coloured bush and a bird lovers haven but tricky for game viewing. However, you will soon be through miombo and crossing the plains that make the southern region so diverse for game viewing. Most guests choose to have 2-3 nights around Nanzhila Plains to explore this area before heading north onto Lake Itezhi-tezhi.

Itezhi-tezhi is often thought of as a ‘mini-Kariba’ and offers some stunning shoreline vistas before you bend back into more miombo and follow the Kafue River north. About 2 hours north of the lake is a stunning collection of camps including Kaingu, Kasabushi and Mawimbi and all offer an awesome river based experience at various budget levels. Canoeing, fishing and boat cruises now compliment the game drive experience and adds another dimension to the Kafue experience. If you continue north from here, you will hit the M9 Great West Road.

Once you hit this road, you have 2 options. The more popular option is to then head west towards Kaomo and join the western route. Alternavitely, you can continue to explore the Kafue and a fantastic option is to head east along the M9 to Mumbwa and then bend back to the North-Eastern sector of the park where the magnificent Kafue River Lodge is based. Here, depending on seasons, you can explore this remote corner of the park OR venture into the Busanga Plains on a mobile safari or the newly opened Lufupa concession. By heading back to the M9 at Mumbwa, you can connect with the road back to Lusaka